A Charm for A Unicorn

A Charm for a Unicorn is looking for a forever publisher.

IN a land where magic still exists…

Two charming sisters and two handsome brothers find themselves pulled into trouble by the uncontrolled magic of one sister, who is just too lovable for her own good. An evil wizard is determined to marry her no matter what it takes. Defeating him involves war, diplomacy, and the judicious use of science — oh, yes, and a unicorn.

A mouse magician, a battle at sea, a unicorn hunt, whirlwinds…and magic, await you in ‘A Charm for a Unicorn’.

“…Although A CHARM FOR A UNICORN is listed as a young adult title, it is suitable for any age group to read and enjoy. A classic fairytale with magicians, a prince, unicorn and a host of others make this tale intriguing from start to finish.

Two sisters, different yet both seeking happiness, must throw off the impositions set upon them by their magician father in order to make their own way in the world. There are passages in Jennifer Macaire’s story that are breathtaking and intense, especially the transformation Leonie makes from young woman to unicorn and back again to human. I felt the quicksilver in her veins, the energy she possessed in unicorn form. I felt, too, Leonie’s love for Renaldo, her fear they wouldn’t be able to find happiness. This is a story about discovery, changes and the happily-ever-after we all seek. It is a parallel tale, with both sisters’ personalities and desires brought to light.

I enjoyed everything about A CHARM FOR A UNICORN. The story is wonderfully told, with characters that pulled at my heartstrings. It is all that a romantic tale should be-for any age.”

~ © Kay James for Romance Reader at Heart ~FOUR ROSE READ~

“…The tale has all the classic elements you would expect, beautiful lasses, princes, good magicians and of course an evil magician. The requisite happy ending is included too for everyone except the evil magician (fairy tales do not reward evil). The publisher list this story as appropriate for young adults but I think it would be enjoyed by people of all ages who love a good fairy tale; the young or the young at heart. It is charming and uplifting and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”

~ © Stephanie B. for Fallen Angel Reviews

“…(A Charm for a Unicorn) is a delightful, enticing tale of romance, vengeance, and hope for true love. A Charm for a Unicorn is not a common fairy tale, for although it has a wicked magician, the themes carry into a sense of duty to country and love of family. The characters are true to life, with heartfelt emotions, and the mouse provides a delightful comedic element.
Jennifer Macaire has written a thoroughly entertaining fantasy, one I recommend to young and old alike.”

~ © Linda Morelli for MyShelf.com

The Secret of Shabaz

The Secret of Shabaz

The Secret of Shabaz

Once upon a time, there was a brave and noble unicorn whose name was Shabaz. So wondrous was this beast, so loyal and devoted to his mistress, that he gave up his horn to a powerful magic to save her and her infant daughter from the evil and terrible Dark Lord, a necromancer. He travels through time with his precious cargo, and Birchspring, a warrior elf, to a place they believe will be safe. Two hundred years have passed. Tania, a servant lass, toils in the stable of the once mighty Castle Storm. An orphan, Tania has only her Grandfather Birchspring, and the tired old war horse she tends. Her life is hard and dull with drudgery. Until Tania hears that a new Dark Lord has risen, and threatens the centuries of peace the countryside has enjoyed. It is not all she learns. “Grandfather” Birchspring can no longer contain the secret of Tania’s heritage. The tired old war horse can no longer maintain his masquerade. Together, the three cannot sit idly by while the evil force that destroyed Tania’s mother returns to finish what he once started. Ill equipped, with only great heart and noble purpose, they ride to war. But it is more than battle they encounter. And it is only the force of love that will endure. Love, and the unicorn’s final, precious gift.

“Here is a solid little fantasy adventure with a strong heroine and plenty of action. …this novel would be a good choice for junior high school readers.”
~ Diane Emge, VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

The Secret Of Shabaz is a wonderfully engrossing, finely detailed adventure through mystical lands, bursting with elves, spells and secret surprises. Author Jennifer Macaire has written a magical masterpiece! Reminiscent of Tolkien’s engrossing works, The Secret Of Shabaz is sure to delight all readers of fantasy fiction.”
~ The Road to Romance

The Secret Of Shabaz by Jennifer Macaire is a wonderful story that I would definitely recommend to my friends.”
~ Young Adult Reviewer: Louise Aged 13 for Romance Junkies

10 out of 10!
” …This young adult fantasy will also appeal to all fans of Tolkien and Terry Brooks. Jennifer Macaire is a very visual writer who writes entire scenes that come alive in the mind’s eye. The Secret Of Shabaz has magic, romance and a bit of mystery imbued into the story line so it will appeal to a variety of readers.”
~ Blether Reviews

“Though marketed as a book for teens, any one who loves fantasy, especially people who are already fans of Macaire, will love this book. It’s a read I’d suggest for parents and children to share, because both will gain a lot of pleasure from the experience.”
~ Gotta Write Network

“A classic story is redone in this book. Offering the same fairy tale qualities as Snow White, this book kicks it up a notch by giving us an extremely strong heroine with a mind of her own. Add to that a cocky unicorn with attitude to burn and an extremely conservative elf and you have a true masterpiece. The characters are definitely the book’s strong point, with all being uniquely their own. This is truly a book to be kept at your bedside and read often!”
~ Young Adult Reviews/Romance Reviews Today

“This science fiction mystery has a fascinating premise that readers will find pulls them into the story line almost from the start.”
~ Harriet Klausner

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The Secret of Shabaz was published in Thailand – here is the Thai cover!

shabaz thai