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Jack the Stripper (M.U.C.I.)

JacktheStripper-evernightpublishing-jayAheer2015-smallpreview (1)JACK THE STRIPPER

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Jack the Stripper (M.U.C.I. Files Book 1)

Welcome to The Purple Dee. Pull up a chair and get settled in, the show will start soon!
Our featured performer tonight is Jack the Stripper. He’s Jack Severn, newly back from the dead. He’s magical, he’s hot, but evil he’s not!

Our very own Jim Ling-Li, Necromancer extraordinaire brought him back to life, gave him some extra features, and as you’ll see, made him irresistible—especially to Jack’s ex-girlfriend Brianna. Jack’s sexier than ever, and they’re better together. But she doesn’t want to risk her heart, not again, and definitely not with a zombie.

Jack also has a mission. He’s back to catch the Heart Taker, the mutant that’s been terrifying human and undead alike. His current obsession’s none other than Jack’s Brianna.
So give a big hand for Jack…he’s going to need all the support he can get to catch his own murderer.

Zombie Jack is a hoot. Jack Severn, our hero, is a corpse. Did someone scream, “Necrophilia!”? Really, this one will be a treat to fans who enjoy horror movies with a touch of zany humor. While this one is not too scary, the macabre corpse humor is something to be savored, right from the start when the hero’s arm falls off at the bus station .[…] There are more layers to the story that the bare backbone of a plot that I have given here. The story is really enjoyable as Ms Winston deliciously brings on the zany dark humor in a manner that really appeals to the fan of the macabre in me. The humor is not too overpowering or too farcical – just enough to keep me laughing. There is already a beautiful kind of poetry in the premise, what with a hero who lacks a heart, but is in love, and who is supposed to be dead but ends up a hero instead. The story doesn’t disappoint in delivering a fun Tim Burton kind of romantic adventure where I am concerned…” 

~ Review by Mrs Giggles