The day started out so well

Today I went to Paris to have lunch with my son. It was a gorgeous day. We met at a pizzaria & the food was delicious. After we drove through Paris, past the Notre Dame Cathedral, though the Latin Quarter – it was just lovely. Then we got to a red light, and I looked over, and this girl was making rude gestures at us.

Today a crazy lady stormed out of her car and hit me (I wasn’t even driving – just sitting in the passanger seat watching the light) so I have to get a medical certificate and go to the police station tomorrow and report it. I think she must have been on drugs. There are nutters everywhere. This one thought my husband cut her off and had a fit at the red light – he said she didn’t know how to drive & she went balistic. She came over and spit on me (why me? I wasn’t even driving) I pushed her away and she slugged me. I got out of the car and took pictures of her plates while my husband dragged her away from me.The only thing I said was ‘get back into your car’, and ‘I’m sorry, but I have to report this’. I was quite proud of myself for staying so calm while my husband started yelling. I do want to take self defense lessons though. I felt like such a wimp that she had time to hit me, and I just sat there – the least I could do is learn to duck! On the other hand, luckily it happend in France – in the US she probably would have had a gun and shot us! Result – fearsome headache and bruised cheekbone. And no chocolate in the house! (this is when you need lots of chocolate).

Then I got home and started listening to Brett Kavanaugh defending himself. He is a petulant spoiled brat, full of himself, sure of himself – a horrible, evil human being. His accuser, Dr Ford, told a horrific story about Kavanaugh and his friend Judge as they cornered her in a room and jumped on her. He pretends he doesn’t believe her – but he does. He lies. He is lying. The slap on my face by the crazy lady hurts less than Kavanaugh’s hurtful words. He is disgusting. If he is sworn in as judge, this day will be pretty much completely ruined. And it had started out so well.